Some of Oakland’s gossipy gadlys have noticed that longtime enemies Desley Brooks and Ignacio de la Fuente have been voting together quite a bit lately. Several people saw them leave Pican recently after a late-night dinner date. Kissing and making up? One bourbon-soused diner says it looked like more than that.

7 thoughts on “KISS AND MAKE UP?

  1. Chris Kidd

    This is shaking the core of everything I know to be real and true. IDLF and Brooks making nice? Up is down, day is night, CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER! I fully expect pandemonium to errupt on the streets any second now.

  2. MichaelK

    My eyes, the thought, this could be Onion material. I will need to check with Sanjiv on this though. He would know.