In case you weren’t listening to the radio this morning

KQED Forum was about crime in Oakland and the Guardian Angels, and it was pretty interesting, although it did not exactly raise my spirits about the state of our fair city. Anyway, listen to it here. And hey – listen to the whole thing and you’ll get to hear one of A Better Oakland’s favorite commenters!

12 thoughts on “In case you weren’t listening to the radio this morning

  1. mojowrkn

    This was such a discouraging program to listen to. Where was the Mayors office??just like their policies not there!

    Until the Mayor and the police get truly tough on the thugs this will continue.

    We need a curfew in the flatlands now.

  2. Surfways

    Once again, the contents of this broadcast is not accessible for a guy like me (deaf). I had inquired KQED for a transcript but no cigar (no money). I commented about it here with the hopes that someone would become aware and hopefully find a very cheap way to produce transcripts.

    People need to understand that the thugs that permeate the streets of Oakland today are not the same type of thugs from your dad’s or grand-dad’s era. These thugs are hard-core and they shoot back at the police. They are a different breed and experts are calling them “super criminals”. My point is that the Guardian Angels or some civillian equipped with an orange vest and a can of mace is not going to work against these types.

    We need hard-core police officers with a policy backing their actions (Giuiliani’s NYC is an example).

  3. shamrock

    What’s even more depressing is the latest news from SFGate that “Nervous police” went searching for a shooting suspect off Seminary earlier this afternoon. I really can’t hold out much hope for change when even the police are scared.

  4. ConcernedOakFF

    This was a horrible program. I almost couldn’t believe what was being said. De La Fuente sounded good…not so much for the Guardian Angel…

    Another event that has not been widely reported, Police were lead into an Ambush recently. Even the Fire Department is nervous for our own safety at the moment, especially east of 60th Avenue. As our uniforms are almost indistinguishable from the Police, we are a bit worried about the ambush…

  5. Max Allstadt

    Yeah, the culture of the Guardian Angels isn’t exactly intellectually rigorous. I really question some of their ideas, and their effectiveness. The show itself was indeed mostly a complaintfest. Not a lot of substantive thought about what to do, just reiterating problems we’ve heard already.

    The cops were ambushed? Why hasn’t this been reported? Dig V! Dig! I’m all for due process, but if that really happened, I hope the cops return the favor.

  6. len raphael

    max, my door to door experience in district 1 middle and upper middle class sections is not the same as your impression. it will take many more takeovers of restaurants on college and piedmont aves, more driveby shootings on 49th and Lawton, on 52nd and MLK, before the fairly safe residents of this high voter turnout part of town support aggressive policing.

    when you add to that the ambivalence of poor african americans towards cops plus the normal reluctance to snitch on their own grandkids, the main supporters for tough policing is from hill liberals who have temporarily become born again police supporters because they have neither close neighbors nor police, from new residents in the gentrifying dogtowns, and from latinos. first generation poorer asians (except for business people) have such low expectations of govt they’re currently can’t be counted on to support aggressive policing.

    dellums is a better pol than us whiners give him credit. same goes for the city council.

    btw, the ga rep in oakland, christina, came across as genuinely concerned do gooder. if it stops some shop lifters or muggers in a couple of biz districts, its fine. the pernicious aspect is that she’s being played by dellums et al to placate scared residents.

    must have have been a demeaning for Jeffrey Israel to follow the order to call the ga’s to do his departments job.

  7. Jennifer

    I heard part of the program and felt even more depressed than I was about this situation. The absence of Dellums and his staff is appalling. But then, last time COS David Chai was on that program he did a terrible job, so he probably didn’t want to go back. If the GAs are looked upon as more of a neighborhood watch type of group from the community, I’m fine with that. If they are looked upon as a replacement for the policy, that’s a problem.

    If Dellums can’t do the job of mayor, can he at least get staff who can? What is Chai’s background that he is so weak?

  8. Max Allstadt

    Len, I’m sure your experience is different. You live right around the corner from the idiot I mentioned on the air, who De La Fuente kicked out of that council meeting. She’s among the folks who used repeated acts of libel to scuttle Pat’s campaign.

    Maybe I’m incredibly lucky. I live on a working class block in West Oakland where I know many of my neighbors, and we all call the cops when we need to. And the cops show up. It’s kind of a perfect storm. I don’t feel all that safe yet, but I’m lucky enough to that I feel like I’m seeing a little progress.

    The GA rep did indeed come across as a genuine positive person. I just am very skeptical as to how well they think through their own effectiveness. Their just aren’t enough of them. And for that matter, they need to be on West Street, not Piedmont Ave.

  9. Chuck

    “it will take many more takeovers of restaurants on college and piedmont aves, more driveby shootings on 49th and Lawton, on 52nd and MLK, before the fairly safe residents of this high voter turnout part of town support aggressive policing.”

    With all due respect, I live in that general area, and as a regular voter I have to add “The hell you say”. I’m already voting for the changes I think we need; would that more like-minded people show up and demand positive changes.

  10. Robert

    Check Chip Johnson’s column tomorrow in the Chron or SFGate.

    (Apologies for posting this in this thread.)