2 thoughts on “In case you missed the District 3 forum

  1. Max Allstadt

    This is so worth watching. The questions asked here and the amount of time allotted are far superior to what I saw at the Berkeley young democrats forum. I’m emailing this link to my friends in district 3 ASAP. I suggest everyone who reads this blog in district 3 do the same.

  2. MJH

    The second to last question about at-risk youth: I really felt Mr. Sullivan hit his stride – like drawing a leadoff walk during a tie game in the 9th innning, and then stealling second and third before being sent in on a fly-ball out to center. I lost count of the number of times he used “deplorable”. Very funny. The only blurry moment in that strech was when he was talking about Churches. A city councilman cannot put faith… in faith. Not that I doubt the role of the church, I supported their contributions during the Outreach Worker debate, but it seems the city has to come up with a firmer role to guide their efforts. And they cannot think the schools or churches will carry the water for them. Though these two components are vital in their own right, the city must fill their role and find solutions that don’t include relying on seperate institutions that they really have no definable affiliation with.