Ignacio Eyewear Fail

It’s been a while since I got new glasses, but if I recall correctly, eyeglasses stores, unlike most places that sell wearable goods, do not separate their merchandise into a men’s section and a women’s section. So it’s understandable that, for some people, selecting gender appropriate eyewear could pose a little bit of a challenge.

Ignacio De La Fuente

But you would think that someone in Ignacio’s life would help him out and tell him that those are women’s glasses.

6 thoughts on “Ignacio Eyewear Fail

  1. Ken O

    Damn! That looks pretty funny. I like the look.

    Is he the leading councilmember trying to cut back NSCs? Random rumor I heard.

  2. Karen Smulevitz

    When I used to wear a watch, I liked men’s watches because They’re easier to read. If someone said “That’s a man’s watch”, I’d say “No. it’s mine!’. So, if he likes the way they look and feel, those aren’t women’s glasses, they’re Ignacio’s!

  3. Jessica

    You can tell because they are clearly designed for a woman. He looks ridiculous. My 72 year old mother has a nearly identical pair.

  4. Patrick M. Mitchell

    Oh come on. Even Ignacio needs to get in touch with his feminine side. LOL

  5. Naomi Schiff

    Did you turn against pink, or just for April 1?

    I like this collection of critiques: dressing for distressing!

    (I’ll certainly watch my sartorial ps and qs before heading over to any public meetings, from here on!)