I Bike Oakland

Well, I don’t, personally. Bicycles are incompatible with my wardrobe. I either walk or take the bus.

But for those who do, Oakland’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program has a new newsletter (PDF!) called “I Bike Oakland” to help you keep track of our progress in implementing the Bicycle Master Plan.

In this issue:

  • new bike lockers downtown
  • new bicycle lanes on Market St. and Lakeshore Ave.
  • parking meter and bike parking update

Enjoy it, enjoy the Art & Soul Festival downtown this weekend, and check back next week when I return from my mini blogging vacation with some more substantive posts.

3 thoughts on “I Bike Oakland

  1. Mike Spencer, PI

    I would love to see Oakland become a more bike friendly city. I rode around town on Saturday. One street that is not good for bikes is International. Lanes are a tad narrow, especially if you get an AC Transit bus that does not acknowledge your presence. There are too many dumb motorists in Oakland who don’t know how to share the road. Still, it’s a great way to get around and see more than you do when driving.

    True story. About 3 years ago I had a personal injury case where a woman driving a car nailed a bike rider on upper Grand, did not stop to help her, parked and joined the line at a restaurant to get her name in for brunch. Witnesses had to practically drag the woman out of line to get her to acknolwedge what she had done to the bike rider.

  2. Tim Rood

    I too am sick of the ignorant and self-righteous motorists who dominate Oakland terrorizing bicyclists. I ride down Grand Avenue daily to get to work, and about twice a week some asshole in a car leans on the horn behind me (very loud, by the way, if you are NOT encased in two tons of steel) because he or she wants me off the road. When I politely ask them what the fuck (assuming I can catch up at the next light), they tell me indignantly that (all real responses) 1) bicycles are absolutely not allowed on the road anywhere except in bike lanes (gee, guess I can never leave my house then, since my street doesn’t have one); 2) bicycles can’t be in the left lane when preparing to make left turns (not sure what their preferred procedure would be); 3) bikes have to ride at the curb, even if there are parking places at the curb (actually, that would be both stupid and illegal); and 4) I am a “pussy” who is “not being courteous” by taking a full lane, as allowed by the CA vehicle code (oh yeah? come out of your steel cage and call me a pussy, bitch).

    Sorry for the profanity… I get very worked up about this issue, although I recently signed on to the Slow Bicycling movement, which tells me I should blithely smile and wave at these assholes.

  3. Walk Oakland Bike Oakland

    It’s up to us if we want to see the city finally embrace walking, bicycling, and transit. Will Oakland be Fremont, or a livable, walkable, neighborhood place where cars are not the center of attention and speeding is a punishable offense.

    Please join us!