I am at a complete loss as to why this concept is so difficult to grasp

As the deadline for comments on AC Transit’s Draft EIR on BRT approaches, the pro-parking activists are going on the attack. I can hardly look at my RSS feeds these days without being subjected to some whiny story or blog about how giving the bus dedicated lanes on Telegraph and E. 14th is going to cause traffic problems. The East Bay Express is the latest offender.

Since nobody seems to be getting it, I’m going to state this as simply as I know how. The entire point of BRT is that you get out of your goddamned car and take the fucking bus instead. O.M.G.! Why is this so hard to understand?

Kathleen Richards’s article asserts that the environmental benefits of BRT “are questionable, slim, and in some cases nonexistent.” I’m sure we’re all very grateful to Ms. Richards for giving us her assessment, but I think that I’ll defer to the opinion of someone slightly more expert on the matter, like the folks over at the Federal Transit Administration or maybe the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

BRT has proved to be a cost-effective and popular method of providing flexible public transit for large numbers of people throughout the world. It is the only type of public transit that qualifies for participation in the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism program.

And if I hear a single person who supports this idiotic plastic bag ban grouse about losing a lane over this, there is going to be vomit everywhere. Speaking of which, where is Nancy Nadel on this? Why is Oakland’s “environmentally friendly” City Council not speaking up to defend this project? Where is the Oil Independence Task Force? Come on people, this is your chance to support something that will actually make a difference. Please take a break from designing promotional flyers about the benefits of line-drying clothes and speak up for real solutions.

If you want to read the only sensible article I’ve seen this month about East Bay BRT, here it is.

2 thoughts on “I am at a complete loss as to why this concept is so difficult to grasp

  1. avis

    If this were any normal town it would be easy to promote public transit, which I usually prefer to my car since I hate to drive. However, I can’t use most public transportaion in Oakalnd becaue I am AFRAID and for good reason. I can’t tell you how many of my neigbors have been robbed and beaten up at local bus stops, not to mention what bad behavior occurs once you get on the bus.

    So until Oakand can provide save public transit I’m keeping my 10 yr old truck. I’m not happy about it, but at least I’m alive to keep complaining. Also, you can’t expect vulnerable seniors in out flatland areas to use public transportaion if they have a car, it’s just not reasonable considering the crime problem here.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    I’d be interested in seeing statistics as to how much crime there actually is on buses in Oakland. I hear people who don’t take transit using this excuse fairly often, but I have never felt threatened on a bus or witnessed any situation where anyone on the bus was. I frequently find myself taking the bus very short distances at night primarily because it is much safer than walking.