How many murders?

As of today, Sunday, December 16, 2007 there have been 117 homicides in Oakland in 2007. On this date last year, we had 145.

I get a lot of hits from people searching some variation of “how many homicides oakland 2007,” so I thought I might as well answer the question.

As of today, Monday, August 6, 2007, there have been 79 homicides in Oakland in 2007. At this time last year, we had 84.

For the record, here are the homicide totals in Oakland for the past twenty years. I have taken these numbers from Oakland Police Department historical data. (I have added the city’s estimated population after some of the figures. The figures for recent years come from the State Department of Finance and are estimates of the city’s population on January 1st of each year. 2000 and 1990 figures are from the decennial census.)

2006: 148 (411,344)
2005: 93 (410,277)
2004: 82 (410,841)
2003: 109 (409,901)
2002: 108 (407,579)
2001: 84 (403,180)
2000: 80 (399,484)
1999: 60
1998: 72
1997: 99
1996: 93
1995: 137
1994: 140
1993: 154
1992: 165
1991: 149
1990: 146 (372,242)
1989: 129
1988: 112
1987: 114
1986: 130

3 thoughts on “How many murders?

  1. pallewog

    I wanted to thank you for this Blog, I just “discovered” you and it really is nice to know that people like you are out in the community.

    I thought I would share with you a letter I just sent to the Mayor:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,

    I’m writing you with sadness and anger in my heart. My wife and I have been living in Oakland for four years now and we just had a child, a boy.

    I originally moved to the bay area from Chicago in 1998. First in San Francisco, than Berkeley now here. I would like to say that it was no accident that we picked this wonderful community to be our home and to hopefully raise a family. My wife and I truly love Oakland. It’s wonderful diversity, spirit, culture and potential make it a truly unique and special place.

    For much the same reason that Chicago will always be in my heart, those same qualities draw me here. The people! The collection of communities from every stripe, every color and all economic levels. Living together, trying to make it work.

    I want to make it work. With every fiber of my being. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe for the same reason I was always a White Sox fan in Chicago (now of course I follow the A’s). Oakland is in many ways the same as Chicago’s south side. It’s on the edge. It’s rough, edgy and real.

    From where I sit I see the three priorities of Oakland as 1. Decreasing poverty. 2. Crime prevention. 3. Improving our schools.

    Now, I know that you’re totally committed to the first priority. A complicated one to say the least. But it’s the second point that I wanted to address in this already too long a letter.

    We are absolutely crushed by what appears to be a truly sick situation with the crime in Oakland. If there is anything that will drive me and my family out of here it will be the continuation of the present situation. I just read that Oakland has one of the lowest officer to citizen ratio’s of any large municipality in the nation. This is totally unacceptable.

    When my neighborhood (Grand Lake) has to ask the Guardian Angels to come and every neighborhood has to beg for a beat patrol something is critically wrong. Mr. Mayor, I know we must attack the root cause of crime (poverty) but what Oakland needs right now is for it’s citizens to feel safe. We need more cops. Whatever it takes. As a homeowner I think you’ll find a much better reception for a tax increase for law enforcement than the silly street lighting thing last year. It is (pardon the pun) criminal that Oakland with all that it must deal with has a lower percentage of police than LA, San Francisco, San Diego, New York and Chicago.

    Please Mr. Mayor, you must act now.

    Thank you,

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    pallewog –

    Thank you for sharing your letter. I think we can all agree that this town needs better leadership. Ron Dellums’s absence in the last week has not gone unnoticed. Dellums is not the only official at fault, though. The entire City Council has been eerily invisible as well. We must make it clear to all our representatives that we expect them to take action swiftly to address the crime problem.

    I hope very much that things improve soon and that you and your family will be able to remain in Oakland.

    Vicki –

    That’s an interesting question, and not one that can be answered easily. I believe there was a nationwide plunge in crime in the late 1990s, so Oakland was certainly part of that. When I have a chance, I will try to look into the matter further and I will post what I can find on this blog.