Holiday lights on Picardy Drive

There are lots of things I love about the holiday season. I love giving presents and I love Christmas music and I love Christmas trees. One of the things I really love is Christmas lights. And one of my favorite places to go see Christmas lights is Picardy Drive out by Mills College.

Picardy Drive

Even without the lights, Picardy Drive is a really adorable little street, where all the houses are that storybook style. But around Christmas time, it gets especially awesome.

Picardy Drive

Not only does every house on the street get all decked out in lights, but the neighbors also string lights between all the houses. I think it’s really sweet.

Picardy Drive

I really wish I had better pictures for you, but Christmas lights really are not the easiest thing to photograph, especially on a not-so-super camera. You can view more photos of Picardy Drive at Christmas here, but really, none of the pictures do justice to the adorable display the street puts together. So really you should just go and see it for yourself.

Picardy Drive

Picardy Drive is located between 55th and Seminary out by…okay, I can’t really give directions cause I don’t drive. Here’s a map.

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Oh, and there’s also a documentary about the street, which you can watch tomorrow, Monday, December 20th at 3:30 PM on KTOP.

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One thought on “Holiday lights on Picardy Drive

  1. Livegreen

    Thanks for this post V. Picardy is beautiful and the lights rival some blocks in Alameda.

    Maxwell Park is one of the middle class gems of the City, one of the most diverse, and one of the largest most diverse solidly middle class neighborhoods in the flatlands.

    I see the map shows it is in Seminary Park, but I’ve not heard of that neighborhood, either be-ause it’s too small or too chopped up.

    Regardless Maxwell Park and Picardy are beautiful and, what’s more, affordable.