History Lesson

This isn’t about Oakland, but if you have some time to spare this weekend, I highly recommend heading over to Transbay Blog and checking out Eric’s posts No Subway for You and A Tale of Geary Street. Eric has done a phenomenal job and must have put a huge amount of work into compiling a fascinating history of failed subway plans in San Francisco. Both posts are a must read!

2 thoughts on “History Lesson

  1. Eric

    V, thanks for the link! Just noticed the pingback. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. Though these posts weren’t about Oakland, I’m hoping to do more history posts in the future — probably something on BART, and maybe the Key System, since Oakland also has a rich streetcar history.

  2. Jason

    That’s terrific, thanks — I sent the links to a friend of mine who is getting his PhD in Urban Planning… with a transportation emphasis… from a Marxist perspective. (No BS.)