High school journalism

In response to my post about the Council meeting on Jean Quan’s proposed Kids First compromise, a reader sent me a link to this column, about a promising, but poorly marketed after-school program at the YCMA on 45th Avenue, which I enjoyed enough to start poking around the rest of the website. The column had appeared in The Green & Gold, a paper published by students at the Media Academy High School in Oakland, part of the Fremont Federation of High Schools.

Anyway, I don’t have the foggiest idea when the last time I read a high school newspaper was, but I had an absolute blast paging through the archives of this one. The product the kids put out really impressed me. I especially enjoyed stories about the girl who started a dance squad, students’ reactions to hearing their school called a dropout factory, seniors mentoring underclassmen with poor study habits, and clashes with teachers over texting in class. And then my favorite – a delightful little debate on a school program called code-switch, in which students are expected to use only academic English during classes. I love it! You guys should totally go check it out.