Happy Election Day!

Don’t you guys just love election day? I love election day. I have always found it just so thrilling.

If you still have questions about the various ballot measures, you can find good explanations of what each would do, as well as arguments both for and against in the League of Women Voters Easy Voter Guides. Here is the local version (PDF), and here is the State version (PDF). Additionally, you can find more detailed explanations of what each ballot measure would do on the League of Women Voters California Education Fund website. You can find information about candidates for office, what exactly will be on your ballot in case you want to make a cheat sheet to bring with you (it is crazy long, folks), and where your polling place is on the League of Women Voters SmartVoter website, which is an amazing resource.

So make sure to get out and vote, and then think about how nice it will be to finally have a break from the constant barrage of election-related mail, phone calls, and TV ads! And if you’re not busy tonight, Becks has helpfully compiled a list of election night parties where you are welcome to come and watch the returns.

Have a great day, folks!

5 thoughts on “Happy Election Day!

  1. Daniel Schulman

    V, thanks for taking all of the time this election season to write detailed posts of your positions and providing an open forum for everybody to air their views.

    Hopefully everyone can start putting some of the rancor behind us and begin focusing on the huge problems Oakland faces. Everyone agrees that our city needs to work more efficiently to better provide services with whatever funds are available. The only way that will happen is with a more involved citizenry.

  2. Dax

    Question for anyone who knows.

    Will we get preliminary counts of any of our choices, or will they just do all the calculations and then spring the final answer on everyone?

    I would prefer they do it step by step.

    (If not that, the at least reveal how each elimination round went and where the votes migrated.)

    Round one…..eliminate #10
    Round two…..eliminate #9

    etc… Making for a great story line, telling us where their votes went.

    Stretch out the slow revealing over two weeks (8 or 9 business days)

    Or at some auditorium over a couple hours.

    Question number 2.
    Any idea on when they’ll start giving Oakland results?

    I don’t imagine we’ll get any tonight.

    OH, I did finally vote.
    Still was undecided as I entered the booth.

    Figured my #1 was just for fun.

    Gave Candell that #1 vote….just for being himself. Colorful man… For adding enjoyment to forums.

    Gave Tuman my #2 vote … because he is only very remotely viable, but was a serious candidate if he had a chance.
    I don’t think he’ll pass 10 or 11 percent in the vote. I like to encourage real candidates to run although if he was running tied in the polls, I’m not certain he’d be my final choice.

    My #3 vote was between Perata and Quan since I eliminated Kaplan due to her revealing herself as nothing at all like a progressive or reform candidate, supporting something as ghastly as Prop 27.

    So I then was down to two and chose the one who might be the most competent.

    Not a happy vote. I hated to reward either of them for their past history.

  3. mfraser

    So I assume that means Perata…

    It is tough to find 3 good choices in this election, that is for sure. I respect your permutation of voting your conscience, and good policy as you see it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gray

    Kaplan #1. Perata #2.

    Wild times, seems to me any of the top 3 could pull a victory.

    Being on the phone and out in the streets the last week or so, Kaplan may have a lot more juice than many believe; campaign is working it’s ass off.

    We’ll see….

    Of course, whoever wins:

    1. We circle the wagons
    2. Look around and ahead
    3. Strive as best we can to make this thing work

    Like an old bumper sticker used to say:
    It’s Hot! It’s Happening! It’s Oakland!
    (I dunno… always got a kick out of that.)


  5. Barry K

    Will PWA give notices (fines) to the illegally posted campaign signs? Or, do they need to be called in? Overnight, about 100+ “Yes on L” signs blanketed Mountain Blvd. Also, numerous illegally posted signs for a few of the District 4 candidates.

    Would documenting the offenders be of any benefit?
    This could generate a lot of income for the City. Then again, instead of using to income for PWA projects, it could go towards the CC since they don’t pay for their pensions.