Happy Birthday, Living in the O

Well, happy belated birthday, I guess. Even though I marked Becks’s second blogging anniversary on my calendar like two months ago cause I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget, it somehow managed to slip my mind yesterday. Alas. Better late than never, right?

photo: LensENVY

Anyway, anyone who has (or has had in the past) a blog knows how much work it can take to maintain, and how exhausting it can be at times, so two years is a big milestone and definitely one worth celebrating.

I always enjoyed reading Living in the O, from the very first post (Oakland is better than San Francisco because there’s so much parking here), to her observations on different ways to look at downtown (which remains one of my favorite posts), to her guides to Oakland t-shirts and local eating.

But over the last year, the blog has really come into its own. Becks is now posting nearly every day, and to my great delight, more than half the time about transit, planning, and politics! I cannot say enough how much I’ve loved her incredibly thorough ongoing coverage of Oakland Airport Connector issue. Between that, and her excellent coverage of AC Transit, I don’t even feel like I have to write about transit anymore, which is such a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anyway, if you aren’t reading Living in the O, you should bookmark the site immediately. And if you are, head over there and congratulate her on two great years.

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