Happy Birthday, Future Oakland!

Have I really been doing this for three years? It’s kind of hard to believe that something that started as an alcohol-fueled whim (V: “Dellums sucks sooo much! Could you imagine if he won Mayor? Why does the media lie all the time?” dto: “You know what we should do? We should start a blog. Then we can tell everybody how much he sucks.” V: “OMG we should totally do that.!”) has turned into something as all-consuming as this site. I love it, though.

Reading through our early posts is fun, if a little embarrassing sometimes. I was just teasing Becks the other day about her first blog post, but my Pollyanna introduction is hardly any less silly. On the other hand, it’s kind of interesting (in a really, really sad way) to look back and see how obvious it was that Dellums would be, well, exactly like this:

Does “governing how [he has] campaigned” mean that his tenure as Mayor will be marked by spending his time in Washington D.C instead of spending time with the community here in Oakland? Does it mean that as Mayor, he will deny access to reporters who write about things he would rather go unmentioned? Does it mean we can expect more secrecy and evasiveness about his work, the way he has refused to provide details about his lobbying contracts or release his tax returns?

Sigh. Anyway, I adore the Future Oakland of today – my only complaint is that I wish dto510 would write more. Anyway, head over there and congratulate him on the big day, or, if you want to give him a birthday present, start following him on Twitter. (He’s been inspired by the Ashton Kutcher/CNN twitter race to create his own challenge, and wants to crack 100 followers.) His twitter is actually quite good, and worth reading – mostly live tweets of public meetings and aggregation of interesting local news and blogs, all with witty commentary.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Future Oakland!

  1. Becks

    I highly recommend checking out some of the old Future Oakland posts about Dellums – it’s sometimes creepy how much their worst fears became reality. And I love V’s first post at Future Oakland – I stumbled onto it one day and thought it was one of the sweetest blog posts I’ve ever read.

    I’ll second V’s recommendation of dto’s Twitter – it’s informative and often very entertaining.

  2. dto510

    Thanks for the blog birthday wishes and kind words! I appreciate the mention of my microblog (http://twitter.com/dto510). And for the record, last night Ashton Kutcher won the contest, beating CNN Breaking News to a million Twitter followers. I like to think my Twitter is more amusing than CNN’s but more informative than Ashton Kutcher’s. I’ll probably post my 500th update next week.