Experts say: restaurant robberies not due to economy

I know the posting here has been pretty light lately, and I do apologize for that. Other things are getting in the way of blogging at the moment (and I’m also busy working on some changes to this site itself, which I hope you will all get to enjoy very soon), and hey – everyone’s on vacation right now anyway, and what with it being recess and all, it’s a good time for a little break.

Hopefully I will be able to get something up about the CBD zoning later this afternoon, but if not, definitely tomorrow, and FYI – there is another Zoning Update Committee meeting (PDF) about this tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5.

Anyway, for now, I just wanted to say that I loved Chip Johnson’s column today and that if for whatever reason, you haven’t read it yet, you totally should go do so. I mean, obviously I think it’s great, because he’s saying the same things I’ve been saying, but I loved, loved, loved the fact that he trotted out a criminal justice law professor to explain that Dellums is out to lunch, just for the like 10 people in Oakland who bought the ridiculous excuse that we can blame the housing downtown for the restaurant robberies:

In Oakland, where higher-than-average crime is normal in good and bad economic times, it’s a weak argument.

“I would be enormously doubtful if that were the case,” said Frank Zimring, a professor at the Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley. “Robbery is a dreadful way of making money and suggests things that are clearly not cyclical to employment opportunities.”

Anyway, if for some reason you missed the column, go read it now.

6 thoughts on “Experts say: restaurant robberies not due to economy

  1. Steve R

    Thankfully, we have Chip Johnson to voice our frustrations publicly. Most of us understand there may be many reasons why some people commit crime, but ultimately people commit crime when they think there’s a good chance they’ll get away with it. And in Oakland, there’s a good chance they’ll get away with it.

  2. thoroughly fed up

    What did you get for your $15000 in property taxes this year? Armed robbery for dessert!

  3. Max Allstadt

    V, please please please give me some good news this week. It’s aBETTERoakland, right? Can I at least hear about one thing that isn’t getting worse?

  4. Jo Dee M.

    V, Thank you for your website! Everyone wants good news about Oakland – but not at the expense of paying attention to the problems Oakland has and the effect on all of us. After 20 years of living in West Oakland – and 12 under the horrid lack of leadership of Nancy Nadel – I look to sites like yours to keep up the heat – there are SO many of us who want to help make Oakland better – but you can’t fix a problem you continue to deny exists. We want solutions – not excuses. Dellums has no problem holding people responsible for the violence – funny though – its never the people who are actually committing the crimes!

  5. avis

    One Good Thing For Max-

    The Oakland Landmarks Commission selected 10 historic properties that will receive the Mills Act in 2009. The Mills Act is a program that assists in restoring historic buildings in our city. Many people worked for many years to get The Mills Act adopted here. This is a significant step in the right direction for historic preservation efforts in Oakland.

  6. maui

    Yes, Dellums is out to lunch, and you can bet that lunch will be on his expense report.
    I’m still furious that I saw this guy on TV telling us that crime wasn’t worse this year than last year. This from somone who has the CIty pay for him to have a bodyguard/driver 24 hours a day.

    The only thing more pathetic than Dellums is that the people of Oakland elected him. How can there be hope for a better oakland when a fool like him gets elected?

    Flee! Run for your lives! Get out while you can! Go somewhere people lead normal happy lives.