Does nobody in this city play golf?*

I’ve explained before how banning smoking for air quality reasons in a venue where you’re virtually guaranteed to be no less than 50 yards away from anyone not in your party at any given time is absurd. And of course, since I don’t really play golf, I can’t get too worked up over the whole thing. You’d think the same would be true of the anti-smoking activists. But no. Several people spoke to urge the Council not to exempt golf courses, because…well, I think just because they can’t stand to lose even a teeny bit of their sweeping new law. It certainly isn’t because they’re actually having problems with secondhand smoke on the golf course:

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of their comments:

This young woman is concerned that by even visiting a golf course, the Council will be sending a dangerous message to Oakland’s youth – that in order to be successful, you have to know how to play golf:

I refuse to believe that this woman has played a single game of golf in her entire life:

I couldn’t really follow this woman’s point. Easter egg hunts, cigars, and how you “arrive”:

Jane Brunner apparently doesn’t even know what golf is:

And here’s Larry Reid on free will:

* According to a representative of Metropolitan Golf Links who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting, a majority of their business comes from out of town. So I guess the answer is no. (Except for Larry Reid, of course.)

2 thoughts on “Does nobody in this city play golf?*

  1. dto510

    So, the young woman who spoke about how the Council is sending a message to the youth that one has to golf to be successful, also sounded like a crazy City Council stalker.

    “..because, being young myself, I can tell you that we are watching you guys. And we are watching you because you are successful, because you are in the power positions. We look at you and see everything you do in your professional life, and everything you do in your personal life.”