Disco Volante opens for lunch today

Hi! Has it really been more than a week since I posted anything here? Yeah, I guess it has. I feel bad about that.

I confess that I actually hadn’t thought much about it at all, and in fact, totally did not realize that it had been so long until I got this very sweet note from a reader yesterday wondering if I wasn’t writing because I was just so distraught over the election.

Just so we’re all clear — that is not the case. I have made peace with the results, and have decided that I think Jean Quan will be a good Mayor.

No, the reason I haven’t been posting is not that I’m upset, but actually because I’m really happy. Election volunteering started in February for me this year, and while some months were less work than others, overall, it was just a really long and exhausting and draining campaign season.

So now I am just enjoying the fact that it’s over, and that I have all my nights and weekends free again. I’ve been spending my time outdoors and in the kitchen and reading for pleasure and sleeping a lot. And also trying to catch up on other, non-campaign related volunteer commitments. And sadly, all that has kind of meant neglecting the blog. Hell, I’ve been having kind of a hard time even remembering to read the news.

Disco Volante

Anyway. I’ll try to get back to regular posting next week. In the meantime, I have some exciting news to share. Downtown has a new restaurant!

That’s right, Disco Volante has made it through all their inspections and are open for lunch starting today! (Hours: 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM)

Here’s the menu:

Jar of bacon and duck liver mousse
with grilled bread, honey liqueur, and quince preserves

Persimmon salad
with farro, almonds, and grilled red onion

Warm fennel and pork pie
with greens dressed in stone-ground mustard vinaigrette

Pan-seared sand dabs
with boiled potatoes and brown butter caper sauce

Kale and smoked mozzarella pannini
with rosemary chips

Baby romaine salad
with currants, pine nuts, and blue cheese

Pumpkin soup
with golden raisin crostini

Hot smoked beef frankfurter
with E.M. kimchee and mustard greens

Volante burger
with farmhouse cheddar, bacon jam, and pickled pepper aioli

“Root Beer Sunk”
sassafras ice cream and vanilla cream soda

Coffee flan
and snickerdoodles

Chocolate ganache
with grilled bread, sea salt, and olive oil

Doesn’t it all sound so delicious?

Oh, and here’s some pre-opening pictures I snapped with my phone the other day:

Disco Volante Oakland

Disco Volante Oakland

Disco Volante Oakland

Doesn’t it look great? That stained glass, which my photos do not do justice, came from the Fairmont Hotel’s tea room. Fancy, huh?

Also, doesn’t the exterior of that building look like ten million times better without those hideous awnings they used to have all over it?

Anyway, if you work downtown, you should totally come check it out. They’ll have dinner service too at some point, but not until they have their liquor license, which is apparently being delayed by some kind of backlog in processing applications at the State or something like that. I don’t know what the timeline is there.

Anyway, Disco Volante is located at the corner of 14th and Webster downtown (347 14th Street). Read more about the DTO’s newest restaurant at Inside Scoop, Tablehopper, and the Oakland Tribune.

10 thoughts on “Disco Volante opens for lunch today

  1. Patrick M. Mitchell

    Wait, wait, wait…Bacon and Duck Liver, Fennel and Pork Pie AND Pan-Seared Sand Dabs? This is like RCV but every candidate is a winner!

  2. Kevin Cook

    V, thanks for the love. Let me say that we also have vegetarian and vegan options and nothing is on the lunch menu over $13. We’d love to see ABO diehards come on down.

  3. Kevin Cook

    Now, now Ryan, we can always meet you and a second at dawn on San Lorenzo canal, or you can come by and try a real vinaigarette without the hype.

  4. Max Allstadt

    Having enthusiastically consumed the entire jar of bacon and liver, along with the sand dabs, I wholeheartedly recommend both.

    Only one critique: I saw the size of the jar-o-meat when it arrived, and realizing I only had 3 crostini to work with, I piled that goodness on the bread in enormous heaps. I still ran out of crostini. Serve it with 5 or 6 instead of 3.

  5. JC

    What’s this I hear about a full bar and Chartreuse cocktails? I’m super excited to check out the bar and have a cocktail!