Disco Volante (hopefully) open for lunch November 3rd

Here’s the latest update on new DTO restaurant Disco Volante, from their Facebook page:

Fingers crossed — we’ll be open for lunch beginning Wed 11/3. Dinner opening will be delayed until the ABC office in Sac figures out their new computers and gets us our liquor license.

For those of you who missed it the last time I mentioned this place, here’s the scoop on Disco Volante from SFGate’s Inside Scoop:

Disco Volante has been a few years in the making, with Cook and his partners batting around the original idea of a bar/live music venue for a while. But with the Uptown neighborhood growing as a dining destination, the idea of a restaurant grew on them. Then, when a space in the tiled Art Deco commercial block on 14th Street became available — with an existing kitchen and equipment — they pulled the trigger.

The name means “flying saucer” in Italian, but there will only be hints of Italian on the menu. The chef is Douglas Bernstein, last seen as the Bacar executive chef; he’s also worked at Eccolo and Farallon. He’s going to put out a local/seasonal California-ized menu (think braised octopus terrine, house-ground burger, smoked sausage, etc.), with nothing over $20.

Oh, and BTW. I usually don’t say things like this, because I think it sounds obnoxious, but since everyone is all of a sudden so concerned with disclosure, I’ll note for the record that I am friends with most of the owners of this restaurant. I think they are all awesome people and wish them the greatest success.