Did I mention we’re having a party?

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! I escaped to the mountains, which was awesome and relaxing and super fun and left no time for blogging. It’s been tough to find time in the few days I’ve been back also, but I have a long list of things I’m excited to write about, so I have high hopes that things around here will pick up shortly.

Besides all the interesting stuff going on, another reason I feel optimistic about finding some new blogging energy is because of the Blogoaksphere Party we’re having tonight at Disco Volante.

Becks, dto510, and I have put together a few of these in the past (I wrote about that in more detail last month, and I always have such a great time. It’s so exciting to meet the people behind the words I read all the time, whether in comments here or posts on other local blogs. And it’s inspiring to talk to so many other people who love Oakland so much that they’re moved to write about it for anyone who wants to read. I always leave the parties feeling totally refreshed and re-energized about my blog.

So I hope you’ll join us tonight, whether for the whole party or just for one drink, it’s up to you. We’re having the event at new downtown restaurant Disco Volante, which is currently only open for lunch but will be starting dinner service in the near future. Disco Volante is located in the pretty green building at the corner of 14th and Webster downtown, the one that used to house the big bra store.

So come on down, have a cocktail, sample some of their fabulous food, enjoy some great live music, and meet Oakland bloggers and blog readers. Who knows. Maybe you will be inspired to start your own blog afterwards!

See you tonight, 6-9 PM at 347 14th Street.

15 thoughts on “Did I mention we’re having a party?

  1. Max Allstadt

    I’ll be there. And just in time for the blogger party, I have finally started my own blog:


    I’ll be using it to share ideas I have about how to make Oakland a better place.

    There are a few rules I’ve set for myself:

    1. Rarely, if ever, will I be talking about the news.

    2. Rarely, if ever, will I exceed 500 words.

    3. Every post will be geared towards outlining a policy or project that could actually be accomplished. The big idea of the day will never be something like “abolish unions” or “annex piedmont by force”.

    4. The content will attempt to tout ideas that I see as non-controversial. I’m trying to challenge myself to come up with one idea a week for Oakland that nobody’s proposed before, and that will instigate a fight.

    5. Sooner or later, I’m going to improve the graphics. For now the template will have to suffice. I apologize to your eyes in advance.

    See you all at the party!

  2. Tonya

    aww!! I wish it was on another night. I will be on the lookout for your next party though. I would love to come and get advice. :)

  3. Oakland Space Academy

    Congratulations on the new blog Max, it’s about time. But I don’t think you should shy away from the controversial, or instigating a fight. It’s definitely more fun, and your good at it! See all y’all tonight.

  4. Meghan Ward

    It was great to meet you last night. You have a beautiful blog! And I see a couple other familiar names in the comments. Looking forward to checking out everyone’s blogs.

  5. Andrew Alden

    Max, I can’t get your blog to accept my comments. I’ve tried WordPress and gmail IDs and your blog just shrugs. It was nice to talk to you. I just wanted to note that the earthquake (you know, the inevitable one) will open up the question of flexible home design a la post-Katrina New Orleans right here in O-town.

  6. ralph

    Like your blog and Not $10K a day

    Open up your blog to non-linked commenters. Wanted to add that Syracuse University School of Arch is doing similar work in Syr. Maybe some of those geniuses at UCB Sch of Arch could use Oakland as their urban playground.

  7. Serena

    Thanks so much for the get together! I’m re-energized about blogs for sure.

    Now I’m redesigning mine and reading and commenting more.

    Max, Looking forward to keeping up with your ideas.

  8. livegreen

    Chip, You reading this blog?:

    “Jean Quan off to rocky start as Oakland mayor”


    Jean is not likely to listen to Chip, given her long contacts with Ron Dellums and Andre Swanson, & Chip’s criticism of Dellums. & I don’t always agree with Chip. But I do agree with this column. And as both Jean & Chip have acknowledged, compromise and bringing Oakland together are important.

    As Max has stated, the City Council is much more moderate than before (still tilting left but not as far left as before). Addressing both the needs of poorer communities, the budget, fair pay for City workers (subjective), continuing basic services, business needs, AND public safety is tricky and WILL take compromise.

    It’s tricky with Police & Fire because they DO need to give back the most, but they should not alone be held accountable for the deficit, as their current contributions were a result of negotiations with the City Council, market prices for Officers around the Bay Area (legit or not), and the greater dangers of the job in Oakland. And they, like the rest of Oakland, have suffered much from violence.

    Finally, I agree with Jean there needs to be more local Officers. But I also agree with the OPOA that many officers from outside Oakland DO care about the City.

    We need to look for areas of compromise and mutual assurance, NOT demonization. Dan Siegel’s personal feelings about the Police, and his open opposition in PRINCIPAL to the Gang Injunctions (ignoring that it’s one of the few resources OPD has, AND how the Chief & City Attorney have worked specifically to address many concerns), do NOT point to mutual assurances or compromise.

    Again, if Mr. Siegel’s feelings are being shared with the press and public, they are being shared even more liberally behind closed doors.

    This will not help negotiations with the OPOA, compromise that will lead to a safer city, or resolve the Oakland budget stalemate.