Dellums announces $3 million grant from Kaiser Permanente to fund school-based health centers in Oakland

So, something like 90% (or maybe more) of what I write about about Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums on this blog is critical. Part of this is because I see relatively little in the Mayor’s performance to date that merits praise. But part of it is also that when something good does come along, I have nothing to say about it. If I don’t feel that I have something worthwhile to add to the discussion, I don’t see much reason in writing about a subject.

Take this (PDF!) for example:

Mayor Ron Dellums will join Kaiser Permanente representatives, elected officials and community partners to announce a multi-million dollar grant to fund school-based health centers in Oakland middle and high schools.

The mission of school-based health centers is to provide comprehensive clinical and social service programming while simultaneously developing primary prevention programming based on best practices in public health, youth development, and academic enrichment.

Far too many school communities in Oakland continue to suffer from striking health care disparities. Compromised access to quality health care in concert with a number of factors has contributed to disproportionate rates of violence, respiratory illness, childhood obesity, untreated mental health issues, sexually transmitted infections, and poor chronic disease management.

While campaigning, Dellums spoke frequently of creating wrap-around services for our public schools. He referenced this specific initiative during his State of the City speech.

So…I think this is good. Great, in fact. I agree with the Mayor that health care, especially for children, is important. And Dellums should be proud of the achievement. I quoted the entire press release above, so you can see that I don’t really have any details to discuss. Um…anyway, good on Dellums for this one.

And that is why you rarely see positive posts here at A Better Oakland.

2 thoughts on “Dellums announces $3 million grant from Kaiser Permanente to fund school-based health centers in Oakland

  1. John

    Well I guess this is good, more of a symptom than a cure but a step in the right direction.

    You would think with M. Dellums giant and expensive new staff we would here more about items like this.


  2. MoonSinger

    I’m glad you published this. I wouldn’t have know about it otherwise. I’ll take all the news you care to publish, good or bad.