DeLauer’s on The DTO

dto510 wrote a really good post last week about how important DeLauer’s is to the DTO:

13th and Broadway is a major transit hub. DeLauer’s light and street presence provide a needed active space between the BART station, bus stops, and taxi stand: the “eyes on the street.” While the folks who create and inhabit this space are not exactly Jerry Brown’s dream downtowners, there are fewer medical and criminal emergencies at DeLauer’s than at Burger King across 13th, which hosts an ambulance weekly. On balance, DeLauer’s makes a tremendous contribution to downtown safety, and whatever criminal activity it may attract is generally of the victimless sort. With a dark, closed store at night (assuming DeLauer’s space isn’t abandoned, torn down, or subject to years of construction, all of which would be even worse), the center of the DTO would be much more grim.

We were all very happy that the store, with assistance from the City (among other sources), was able to remain open. Now the Trib reports that the store’s new owners do not intend to continue 24 hour operation. In a new post, dto510 rightfully questions what the point is of subsidizing the store’s operation if they just want to be another coffee shop. Go read it on the DTO.

One thought on “DeLauer’s on The DTO

  1. oaklandhappenings

    If DeLaurers helps keep people on the streets occupied, and keeps them from committing senseless crimes, kudos! A coffeehouse probably isn’t a bad idea, as it seems to draw folks to places such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. The more folks, the greater likelihood of increased revenue.