Crime stats check-in, May edition

When we last looked at reported crimes in Oakland year against year, violent crime in 2009 was down around 13% compared to 2008, while property crime was down 25%. Let’s see how we’re doing now. Reported crimes as of May 6 (XLS):

With overall crime still hovering at around 20% lower than 2008, we’re well on our way towards meeting the Mayor’s goal of a 10% reduction in overall crime by the end of the year. I have to say I’m particularly pleased to note that after four straight years of rising violent crime (which was more than 50% higher last year compared to 2004), we finally appear to be on a downswing. A long way to go, certainly, but you can’t get to the end of the road until you start walking on it. Let’s hope these trends keep up.

40 thoughts on “Crime stats check-in, May edition

  1. VivekB

    I don’t mean to be a naysayer, indeed when crime has dipped in the past i’ve been the first to shout it from the rooftops, but in this case I find it highly suspect that crime is supposedly down, at the same time that OPD OPD stopped releasing the weekly stats with the crime-report-level info. They were doing this for 3 years, but suddenly on 2/22/09 they just stopped. Those of us interested in independently monitoring this don’t use the aggregates OPD puts out – I have my own list of which penal codes go in which bucket, which I created by taking the official OPD list and adding things that I felt were “violent”/etc.

    Sadly, I don’t trust the #s, and wouldn’t put it past the politicians to game them. How could this happen? By reassigning what penal codes belong in which buckets. I heard from a former OPD officer than this happened in (oy, 2004? can’t remember), which is why crime dipped that year. It didn’t really, they just changed the way they counted but didn’t restate history for a consistent view.

    It’s a shame – I wish I could believe it, and tell everyone crime is down, but i’ve heard too many patent lies out of Oakland gov’t to not “trust but verify”.

    Hmmm. I just realized I could go to a City Council meeting to humbly request the council to have OPD not only begin this up, but also issue all backdated reports. I should have thought of that months ago…

  2. VivekB

    To clarify, it isn’t OPD that I distrust, it’s those politicians that control OPD’s purse strings. OPD is going to get the butt-end of the whipping stick, so I need to talk to the people who control the people who control the whipping stick.

  3. ConcernedOakFF

    As someone who sees this on a street level, crime certainly does not seem to be down. In fact, totally unscientifically, it seems to be up to me and many of my co-workers, especially in the last 2 months or so.

  4. Born in Oakland

    Most of the “smaller” crimes in my neighborhood seem to simply go unreported. Muggings, crimes involving weapons, car theft get reported but the smaller stuff (theft, car break-ins, etc) people just live with. Pitiful.

  5. Navigator

    Would everyone feel better if the crime stats were reported as being up? What is it about Oakland and negativity? If Oakland were gaming the numbers it wouldn’t be the only city in the Bay Area to do so. There’s a city across the Bay which has done it for years for tourism purposes. A city has to compete, right?

    Oakland should be shouting these numbers from the mountain top. The media will report a 20% increase in crime, however, a 20% reduction in crime in Oakland isn’t sexy, and serves no economic purpose for their interests. It’s up to Oakland to get this news out to the masses via a public relations firm or some other creative ways.

    A lot of great things are happening in Oakland right now with the dinning and entertainment scene. The article by Michael Bauer in the Chronicle, ( This is shocking coming from the San Francisco Chronicle, considering that in the top 100 “Bay Area” restaurant guide,” Oakland usually ends up with about 6 restaurants on the list) regarding new restaurant openings in Oakland, proclaims that “Oakland is on fire.” Also, the New York Times had a feature article on their Travel Section titled “36 hours in Oakland.” This section is usually reserved for destinations like Paris and Rome. The article begins by stating that “many things have changed in Oakland in recent years, except maybe the City’s reputation.” That’s a problem!

    Why is that the case? Shouldn’t a city’s reputation reflect current reality, if “reality” is reported accurately to the masses? This reflects Oakland’s unique situation as a mid size city in an area dominated by a media located in a larger city. This fact, means that Oakland is still losing millions of dollars economically because of the fear factor. Oakland is not reaching its full potential and something needs to be done to get the word out.

  6. dave o

    I would dismiss immediately any OPD stats. In my anecdotal dealings with OPD, they actually have a culture of lying. I’ve been setup multiple times as well as people I know. It seems to be a standard OPD tactic. And news readers don’t have to think long before remembering reported incidences. For example, the head of internal affairs who beat somebody to death at an earlier time and then got the other cops to do the “blue code of silence” thing and then lie about the incident. Think about that! The head of internal affairs! He should be the moral cream of OPD. Or what about Longmire being one of the last people in Oakland to admit a link between Bey 4th and Chauncy Bailey’s murder. OPD supplied stats? Use it to line the bird cage.
    OakFF, I live and work in the thick of all of the turmoil, like you do, and I don’t see any anecdotal decrease in crime. If anything, the affluent new people who used to call the cops constantly and report on every little thing, have given up because they know that can’t control everybody in this way. They have to submit somewhat to the social norms here. There is a lot of hot blood here and that is not going to change anytime soon. Some of us moved here because of the intense social and creative energy, but it comes with this downside, however, it still is much better than the suburbs for many of us.

  7. Max Allstadt


    It’s possible to be critical of some aspects of the city while loudly evangelizing other aspects. Not only that, but the press and the BlogOakspere have recently put out dozens of articles brimming with enthusiasm for what Rebecca Kaplan recenly called “the Oakland Rennaisance”. The gains we’ve made in arts and entertainment are not going unsung.

    As for the crime stats, last year they were up, but I saw Ghosttown doing better. This year they’re down, but I see Ghosttown doing worse. I’ve also had more friends citywide tell me about being mugged, attacked, and hassled on the street.

    I still don’t see the bias you obsess about. I see a lot of reporting about a lot of different truths, good and bad.

  8. VivekB

    Navigator, did you even actually read my comment, or did you immediately rush to be a blind-faith cheerleader?

    Please read it again, and then tell me what about it is unclear or confusing to you.

  9. Max Allstadt

    Vivek, if you’re going to Open Forum to ask for your stats back, be sure to let some of us know, I’m sure you can get some supporters to join you.

  10. VivekB

    Cool, thanks. VS just gave me the date (5/19), i need a few days so wife can confirm she can p/u the kids and deal with dinner/etc. (Our routine is that she does dropoff then goes to work, i leave work at 4pm to do pickup and dinner/etc).

    I should be able to confirm by Monday (5/11) in the pm. I’ll post back here either way.

  11. Navigator


    I’m not a blind faith cheerleader, but when Oakland gets good news we should celebrate it. Let’s face it, we’ll never be able to know whether the stats are completely correct. We can debate that the Police Department will inflate the stats at certain times if they want more resources from the city. We can also debate whether the currant crime figures are being manipulated downwards in order to make a case for keeping the officer’s jobs. There’s no way that I trust anything coming out of that Department. They’ve been exposed as inept , ineffective, and corrupt, many times over.

    The point is, that these crime stats and crime rankings in general between cities, are meaningless. There are far too many variables. So, when we get good news, regardless on how it came about, let the public know. We already know that the perception and image of Oakland lags far behind what’s happening in this city and that hurts Oakland economically. If that’s not the definition of media bias, then what is?

    Also, OPD needs a good but kicking with that stick. What they cost the city for what they provide is ludicrous. The Oakland Police Department costs the City of Oakland a fortune. Oakland is paying a huge amount of its general fund for incompetence, overtime abuse, misconduct lawsuits, refusing foot patrols in commercial districts, deadly cowboy tactics, inept crowd control, etc. This Department has embarrassed this city Nationally, time after time, and cost the City a fortune doing so.

    Max, it’s good to hear that Oakland has begun to get some decent press. The piece in the New York Times travel section was impressive. Michael Bauer’s article in the Chronicle regarding new restaurants opening in Oakland was great. It’s about time, and doesn’t even begin to make up for years and years of horrible press.

  12. Patrick

    I, for one, am proud of you, Navigator. It took you a lot longer period of time to backslide than I thought it would. ;)

  13. VivekB

    Nav, my personality in general is a “trust but verify” approach. It just sounds very fishy when crime is suddenly down at the same time that it is newly impossible for anyone to independently confirm that.

    If the report showed that crime was down 99.99%, by your logic we should then be taking out full newpaper ads that Oakland was the safest city in the country. Without independent monitoring of stats by someone (or multiples) who have no financial interest in the matter, the current report has just as much credibility as one that shows the 99.99% reduction. Disappointingly, newspapers are losing so much money that they no longer have the resources to be these independent monitors, so it is up to the rank&file. OPD is better served anyhow, I know for a fact that multiple OPD officers used the monthly analysis reports I used to assemble in their various beats as I would produce it for Oakland Wide, but also Area 1, 2, 3, and 8 of the 13 Area 1 beats. I tracked Violent, Property, Violent&Property&Drug, and All. Since I get no money from this whatsoever, no ads on the site, don’t sell it to anyone, work in a totally unrelated industry, they could hold up that report as a truly “independent” source, and the truth led wherever it went. When it was down, I reported it as such, and all had confidence it really was down since I had no reason to skew the outcome.

    Acting on incomplete or unconfirmed data hasn’t worked out too well for us as a nation, and Oakland’s average elected official quality isn’t nearly as high as that of Washington DC. (man is that a scary thought)

  14. Navigator


    I respect your opinion and your work. I would give credibility to your facts before I would to any fact coming from OPD, or for that matter, the local media, even with a full complement of reporters and staff. I don’t doubt your figures and studies at all. I know that some of the best analysis and research can come from independent individuals who have no financial stake in the outcome.

    Also, I understand what it is to be criticized for doing your own research. I’ve done plenty of my own, on local media bias, only to be criticized, threatened, and ridiculed, in this very medium.

    Take care and have a great Mother’s Day.

  15. Chris Kidd


    I don’t mind you coming back here, but I do mind what prompted you to leave in the first place: you take the argument away from what’s actually being discussed and make it about yourself.

    I hope Nav v2.0 shows more restraint and an increased willingness to stay on point.

  16. Navigator


    You’ve got a point in regards to the second paragraph. I king of regret that. However, my intention is never about putting the focus on myself. My intention is always speaking with a passion about what I truly believe is best for Oakland. I’m just passionate and have strong opinions. The personal focus on me, much of the time has come from others.

  17. Sean B

    Anyone who is familiar with “The Wire” should be skeptical of such a “reduction” in crime :) . VivekB’s first comment expresses appropriate skepticism if you ask me.

  18. annoyed

    I have lost all faith in the City and the people who live here. When two young children are shot down in cold blood by thugs and the blogosphere is mostly silent, I have to wonder about people’s value systems, or lack thereof.

    And when four police officers are shot dead and the shooter is hailed a hero and the middle class won’t stand up and shriek their outrage, I have to wonder if we deserve the cesspool we live in.

    Then there is Chauncey Bailey that no one gives a damn about except to use the incompetent investigation to kick Dellums. Don’t hear anyone yelling about Orloff shrugging off this case until it became an embarrassment.

    I really don’t think people in this town value life very much. Not the thugs who take it or the bystanders, including the Uptown crowd, who mostly don’t have much to say about it.

    I have never felt this defeated about Oakland. Yes, the restaurants are great and I visit them often if for no other reason to escape the Fruitvale and the utter and complete chaos that exists here.

    I’m sick of spending what free time I have documenting this and meeting about that. Sick of the violence that is shrugged off until it hits the middle class. Sick of how everyone, residents, police, the mayor, the execrable city council use crime as a bargaining chit. All these people who are murdered, assaulted, robbed, burglarized and no one really cares unless it interferes with some political ambition.

    Just sick of it all.

  19. gem s.

    Annoyed, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been reading this or any other Oakland blogs for very long, because if you had, you’d know that your accusations about “the blogosphere” and the “Uptown crowd” are incorrect.

    I’m not being sarcastic here, BTW, but seriously, if the blogs you read don’t have the focus you want, why not publish your own? You obviously feel there’s a need that’s not being met, and you are passionate and write well. It doesn’t make sense to complain that other blogs whose focus are specifically NOT Oakland crime are not reporting on crime 24/7. The easy fix is to create the blog you want.

  20. Tallysmom

    About a month ago, I got into my car to go pick up my latest TNR cat at the Spay/neuter clinic, pulled out of my driveway and nearly backed into two OPD officers in vests and carrying BIG shotguns. I looked up the road towards the cross street and saw six police cars and lots more officers with guns drawn…

    And down the road more police cars and more officers….

    I pulled back in, and asked the nearest guy (the one I nearly creamed) what was going on.

    He respectfully asked me to go back into my home, there was an armed man running loose in the neighborhood. His exact words.

    Twenty minutes later – I heard lots of shouting and the words DOWN DOWN GET DOWN…. and it was over. I went back out (I had to pick the cat up by a certain time) and they were loading a guy into a car in cuffs….

    There must have been at least 50 cops there, and very probably far far more, because they were searching several blocks — I passed lots more cars and K9 units, too and this was just a few weeks after the four officers were killed in Oakland and very soon after the three were killed in Pittsburgh PA…

    I kept looking at the various crime watch sources…. and not a word about this. Nothing. Never happened.

    And that’s wrong.

  21. OnTheGoJo/Joanna

    I tried to print neighborhood crime info back when I was writing the neighborhood newsletter. Quite a few residents LOUDLY complained that I was even trying to get the info. They certainly didn’t want me printing it. Realtor estate types asked me up front if I printed that sort of info before they would place ads.

    My feeling was that people deserved to know what was going on in their neighborhood. Not to scare them, but to make them aware so that they’d think twice about wearing bling out to walk the dog; to hopefully give them pause for thought in keeping awareness of their surroundings; etc. I could print about things that I saw first hand, or that other eyewitnesses told me about, but finding out about stuff with very few/no witnesses was extremely difficult. And if no police report is filed, that makes it even harder to know about vandalism and break-ins.

    We had a car jacking at the train station and because BART police responded and because ultimately the woman refused to file a police report (didn’t want to be a “snitch”), there was no record of it happening.

    Add to that our lack of true local news (ie Oakland Tribune) and what you get is blogger responses to things that they know happened.

    Also getting involved with the NCPC’s can help, depending on your local group and NSC. In our neighborhood people will usually post if there was an incident.

  22. VivekB

    OTGJ, i know what you mean, but fortunately i’m too stuborn to care. There’s no advertising on the site, it’s totally free, and it always will be, so i tell folks to bite me if they don’t like what i have to print. Fortuantely, there’s a ton of value-add info that many folks do want to read, so the traffic is still decent. If you want to get a handle on what’s possible with that data, the link to all my prior presentations is here: . Last one is 1/20, since there’s no complete info for Feb. By the time I got the last bit of data for January, it was mid-march so it seemed a little silly.

    BTW, I will be at the City Council meeting, wife can deal with kids that night. I also emailed our OPD area captain just so he was ‘in the loop’, didn’t want anybody thinking i’m not following the right process. He told me that he still doesn’t have an analyst to produce the reports, and City council knows. I told him that i’d like to re-inforce the need so the CC doesn’t do something stupid.

    So on Tue night, look for the 6’2″ tremendously attractive Indian guy that all the women can’t stop looking at. I’ll be the 6’2″ bald & overweight Indian guy sitting next to him…

  23. Det. Larry Miller(Evanston, IL.)

    I am an 18 veteran Police Detective with the Evanston Police Department, Evanston IL. . Soon after the tragedy in Oakland California where 4 Officers were murdered, I took action. I found the crowds in support of Lovell Mixon more than I could stand. I immidiately began a fundraiser for the surviving children’s trust funds and ask you for some support. I have a web site ( and have listed the support items on EBAY (Support Oakland T-shirt). 100% of the profits will be forwarded to Oakland Police Officer’s Assoc. ( at the end of the month. I realize that I am half a country away, but feel very close to this issue. Fund raising efforts have been amazing and sales are growing daily. Please, see my support website and show your pride and support of the Oakland PD.

    I am asking for some help in spreading the word.

    Detective Larry Miller
    Evanston Police Department
    Evanston, IL. 60201

  24. V Smoothe Post author

    While I encourage a healthy skepticism whenever one is presented with information, I don’t think it’s necessarily reasonable to leap to the conclusion just yet that there is any conspiracy to rig the Daily Crime Reports. This is hardly the first time since I’ve been following them that the weekly crimes reported by beat have gotten backed up and not released for a while – it’s usually a function of what other duties the staff preparing them are burdened with at the time. Also worth noting is that crime compared to last year was down to a greater degree at the time of the last report that Vivek mentions receiving. Also, I just got a copy of the weekly crimes reported by beat for 5/2-5/8.

  25. VivekB

    Yeah, i just got that file also.

    FWIW, as mentioned above, i was emailing one of the OPD Area captains back&forth the past 36 hours. I do think it’s funny that within a few hours of me asking about going to City Council, we get the first weekly report since 2/23/09. I still don’t have 2/9->2/15, the captain knows about that too. I’ve been getting these for 2+ years, this is the biggest time lag that i’d seen. It’s normally 2-4 weeks.

    I’m not saying there’s the dailys are rigged, only that the absence of the weeklies means we have to trust a city who has proven itself to be un-trustable. But I guess as always, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so if i can get the weeks i’m missing, i can run my own #s and feel better about the outcome.

  26. annoyed

    How telling that my comments are not responded to but I am invited to take my opinion and go elswhere. Sort of proves my point.

    By the way, I’ve done a whole lot more than “complain” over the past 18 years about crime and the quality of life. The apathy in Oakland about engaging in real solutions is like a brick wall. The growing smug progressive community is quick to shoot down initiatives like those proposed by Larry Reid but don’t seem to have more to offer than tsk tsk. And are not even interedted in discussing it.

  27. Ralph

    Annoyed, I would hope that you do not disappear as we are all concerned about making Oakland better. However, a blogger can not cover everything and one of the stated goals of this blog is to cover items not covered elsewhere.

    If there is any apathy, and I don’t doubt that there is some, in Oakland about engaging in real solutions about solving our crime problems then the problem is with certain elected overseer officials, who believe in hug a thug politics. You can also turn to the OUSD which graduates a very low percentage students who can actually complete grade level work. Where do you employ an 18 yr old who can’t read, write, or do math at an elementary level. But these issues tend to get covered by MSM so there is little reason to rehash here. That said, there is a section for things not discussed.

    Finally, I don’t know one person not outraged by the Mixon incident and disgusted by those who hailed him a hero to the oppressed. But again MSM has written reams on this so why rehash here.

    In closing, I really do not know what I, or anyone, is suppose to respond to. You are upset that this blog has not covered areas of interest to you. I have lived in some of the most crime-ridden, drug infested cities in this country and have seen what development has done to improve each so discussing development is not bad thing. I sometimes wonder why this blog doesn’t cover Oakland’s kinky underground but I am not complaining. Guess, I will just have to create my own blog.

  28. annoyed

    This blog asks for and discusses crime stats in the abstract but doesn’t acknowledge the slaughter in the streets. The outrage in Oakland is very selective. A one-year old and a four-year old are shot down in a single incident and it is not even acknowledged. When thugs can engage in the most depraved activity without even so much as a yawn from residents, what message do the thugs get?

    This blog deals with issues of crime so it’s not a stretch to expect at least some passing comment about particularly egregious acts of crime. I say the same thing on the PSAs were this oversight is infuriating. Crime is a tool people use to score political gain, beat up the cops and the politicians. I find that outrageous because real lives get destroyed by crime. The general public doesn’t care.

    Where is the outraged yet peaceful demonstration by people in this town fed up with violent and anti social behavior? Seriously, could we be just a little more apathetic? You can’t drag the middle class to an event involving crime.

    My comments are directed at everyone regardless of race class or whatever. Everyone huffs about crime and pretty much does nothing. That includes NOT calling the cops when victimized then bitching like a big dog about how useless the cops are.

    If the people really wanted a reduction in crime, the bar would be much higher for what kind of behavior we tolerate in this city and we would hold elected officials feet to the fire about how our police department enforces public safety policy. This is impossible to do because of varying kinds of guilt and large doses of apathy.

    Crime in East Oakland does affect you and don’t think for one minute it doesn’t. It’s why I have to drive to other cities to go shopping for make-up and underwear, for god’s sake.

    What I’m saying is that I’ve seen the enemy and besides the thugs in the ‘hood, it’s also us.

    I’m done.

  29. truthseeker

    you people are amazing! when the numbers are high – they must be correct, but when numbers seem to drop – everyone seems to be finding all the reasons for this good news not to be true. y’all remind me to republicans who made public statements like ” i hope obama fails.” man, can’t a brother be successful in oakland. you people are ridiculously hateful. Truth is that crime has been dropping since 2007. whether y’all like it or not – the mayor is black and he reducing crime, and brining new businesses and restaurants in oakland.

  30. VivekB

    Forgive the NY’er in me coming out, but exactly how many “readers” of this blog can’t actually read? Or are you just a troll who’s baiting people, playing the race card against an Indian guy? Yeah, that’ll be effective…

    To repeat myself yet again, yet again: I don’t trust anyone’s stats – I go to the source (ie, OPD’s weekly list of crimes with confidential info removed), load them up into a database, and run the following sums MYSELF:
    - compare median per month for 2009 vs 2008/2007/2005
    - compare YTD for 2009 vs 2008/2007/2005
    - Put above into both graphs & tables for Oakland-wide, Area 1/2/3, and beats 4X, 7X, 9X, 10X,11X, 12X, 12Y/13X, 13Y.

    VS setup her site as a blog to get people inspired in politics, I setup my site as a discussion forum for folks interested in the truth of how crime is doing. The #s lead wherever the #s lead. I know for a fact that OPD has taken my monthly analysis to other beats to hold up as the rare ‘truly independent’ source of info. I’m not a realtor or a banker or anything to do with this on a professional basis. I make no money on the side. wanna know how crime is doing? You think it’s down since 2007? Well let’s just take a look. There’s 6-8 graphs and 6-8 tables produced monthly, this is a huge subset.

    Here’s the pretty picture graph for Oakland-wide, as of 12/31/08:

    And, for those who prefer tables:

    The full monthly report for ending 12/31/08 is here: . I haven’t produced one after that since I only have January, hence my initial post.

    Those #s and graphs are not in dispute. The facts are not in dispute. They cannot be, I use the same data as OPD. The difference is whether they feel something is a Violent Crime or not, and I even publish the list of penal codes I use for each bucket as I feel certain things should belong in certain buckets.

  31. SF2OAK

    How about the stats for Cops killed? I think we’re pretty up in that category or about novogenarians killed. Crime may be down but there are many ways to view crime like geographically and compare on that score.

    After the arrest then what- how many convictions? What are the sentances? how long are those put away for? How many parolees in Oak?

    Crime is outrageously high in OAK so even a dip and I applaud the wo/men in Blue, but this dept needs help- do the crime stats take in to account all the arrests that were thrown out b/ of bad procedures?

  32. SF2OAK

    truthseeker- you do not seek the truth you seek to manipulate the truth- crime and business do not turn on a dime (unless things turn on a dime) restaurants and buildings were planned under white boy Brown. who I just spied at Ozumo.

  33. MarleenLee

    I agree with the state of apathy in this City about crime. And while I sincerely hope that the stated plan to lay off 140 officers is only an act, designed to ensure that we get some stimulous money, I am concerned that if people think it is an act, then they don’t need to advocate to save the officers, and the City Council will be under the misimpression that we don’t want to save those jobs. I, for one, continue to believe that the 802 authorized strength if far too low, and that it is insanity to consider actually reducing the size of the police force. But I think it is important for all those concerned about crime in Oakland to make their voices heard and tell their elected officials that reducing the size of the police force should not be an option. I know that going to meetings and speaking may not be everybody’s thing, but at least send them an e-mail. Give them a piece of your mind. No excuses – here are their e-mail addresses below.

  34. VivekB

    FYI, I filled out a speaker card for tonight, although due to some work drama I forgot about it until 7:30am today.

    I don’t know how to tell when i’m up, but if I don’t get called in the 6-7pm timeslot, i’ll have to split. I can’t be waiting around for hours, that would be very unpopular with the spousal unit who’s leaving work early to get kids and deal with baths/homework/etc.

  35. VivekB

    Well, I went, presented my case, and much to my surprise got a standing ovation from the council and a sandwich hug that lasted a little too long from Jane Brunner on one side, and IDLF on the other.

    Okay, perhaps that was a little fantasy daydream, but Ms. Brunner did agree with the request. I handed out copies of the 2008 stats-in-review that I did so they had something tangible to look at.

    And now, my request of y’all: If you look at this forums thread, you’ll see the copy of a letter I just emailed to the council. I documented my ask so it wasn’t easily forgotten after any potential (Sanjiv/random citizen/etc) drama that might happen tonight. I’d appreciate it if anyone else who also wants to see OPD get the help they need to resume producing the weekly crime statistics log that I (and others) use to perform our own independent crime trends analysis.


  36. VivekB

    I was really getting curious, so I just sucked it up and did a crapton of work to manually reformat the data from CrimeWatch into a format usable for graphing & trending. Due to the amount of work, I only did Rockridge(12Y/13X) & neighbors (9X, 12X, will do 11X tomorrow as CrimeWatch timed me out). Plus, this is incidents, which is bigger than just regular crime. But, trends are what we’re looking for, and this is fine for that.

    it’s up on the site, but you’ll need to be registered & logged in to see it. Nothing personal, I just don’t want google archiving this.

    There’s too much info to repeat in a comment, but the net net is that March seemed pretty high, both for 9X and 12Y/13X. I *might* be able to handle 1-2 more beats, based on which beat and how much manual massaging is required. There are some serious limitations to this approach, the excel files from OPD are clearly a better path, but at least some independently generated & verified info is better than no info. I can’t confirm or deny the above #s since I don’t have 2008 incidents (only actual crime reports). Once I get that, i’ll confirm or deny whether crime is down in 2009.

    i’ll tell you this, though – in March, both 9X and 12Y/13X had issues, at least with incidents reported…