Council confirms June primary

As I predicted yesterday, Oakland’s City Council confirmed last night that we will not have instant runoff voting this year. Nancy Nadel, showcasing her typical disdain for practicality and reason, cast the lone vote against calling the June election.

That’s all you get for now. Today marks the beginning of the Lenten period of somber reflection, sacrifice, and mortification, and I decided that bloviating about the idiots who write letters to the Berkeley Daily Planet didn’t really fit the spirit of the season.

2 thoughts on “Council confirms June primary

  1. Incredibledaze

    I would posit that our lone dissenter did not make her vote without practicality or reason.
    As you have pointed out she is trying to open her Chocolate business. Not having to file until after Labor day as opposed to next month would give her a better sense of how that is going and if it makes sense to shuck this “limited Joy” stuff and go full throttle.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    That’s true. I was thinking about what’s practical for Oakland, not what’s practical for Nancy Nadel. I’m sure the prospect of having to sit through 6 months on the Council as a lame duck after she loses in June is particularly unappealing to her.

    I still don’t understand why she thinks she can start a chocolate factory and serve on the Council at the same time. Even more puzzling is her attempt to spin it as something that benefits her constituents – she recently used her chocolate factory plans as an example of something she’s doing to bring jobs to Oakland. The gall is stunning.