CompStat in action

Everyone loves CompStat, right? Data driven police resource management has proved incredibly successful all over the United States. And of course, in Oakland, we’ve been talking and talking and talking about doing it for years. Happily, our new Chief has been able to get it going at long last.

Even more happily, the police department is now eager to share this process with the public! And they’re a meeting about it on Wednesday.

CompStat is a multidimensional approach to crime reduction and resource management. This technique is intended to map crime and identify problems in weekly meetings. CompStat gives police commanders the opportunity to devise strategies and tactics to solve problems and improve the quality of life in their assigned area. The strategies to address emerging (real-time) crime trends throughout the City’s neighborhoods are discussed and reviewed by the Chief and Deputy Chiefs. The Oakland Police Department has been using CompStat for the last year and Oakland is currently experiencing a 14% reduction in violent crimes.

The next Oakland Police Department CompStat meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th, at 10:00 a.m. This meeting will be held in the James Moore Theater, Oakland Museum, 1000 Oak Street and is open to the public.

This is an excellent opportunity to observe the analytical and detailed approach the Oakland Police Department personnel take when addressing crime. The Department is planning to conduct more public CompStat meetings with dates to follow.

So if you have time on Wednesday morning, it would probably be a pretty interesting thing to check out.

One thought on “CompStat in action

  1. Dave C.

    I’ve been planning on going to this, since I don’t work on Wednesdays. Could be interesting, could be dull, but even dull could be interesting in a way. I’m pleased to see that Batts continues to follow up on his early pledge for more openness and transparency and communication between OPD and the citizenry.

    Nice re-design, by the way!