Come to the Young OBA bar night on Wednesday

People complain to me fairly often that they want to get involved in Oakland politics, but don’t know how. Or that they wish there was a place they could meet other people who are interested in bringing more growth and vibrancy to our fair city. Well, now there is!

The Oakland Builders Alliance is creating a new membership category, Young OBA, which will offer young Oakland professionals opportunities for networking and connecting with other like-minded residents. Their first event will take place this Wednesday at Somar at 18th and Telegraph in Uptown – it’s a lovely bar, so if you haven’t made it out there yet, this is a great time to check it out. Hope to see you folks there!

From the invitation:

We would like to invite you to the first bar night of the Young Oakland Builders Alliance. This is an opportunity to be a part of the ongoing discussion about the renaissance of Oakland and how we can continue to make Oakland a great place to live, work, and develop our careers. This first event will be at Somar—one of the many new bars in Uptown. Join us after work for a drink and a chance to talk about the future of Oakland. This event is specially designed for the younger generation of OBA members and our friends and colleagues. Please forward this message to other young professionals who might be interested in attending this event.

6 thoughts on “Come to the Young OBA bar night on Wednesday

  1. V Smoothe

    It seems self-evident that a politically active organization is going to have some sort of agenda, Naomi. Can you name any that don’t?

  2. matt novak

    Hi Naomi:

    We do have an agenda. It is the mission statement on the bottom of the invite! I hope you can stop by. I trust that this group will share many of your goals (and concerns) about the revitalization of downtown Oakland.