CED holds onto industrial zoning, for now

Update on yesterday’s post. CED did not pass the proposed zoning onto Council. After the meeting got started late due to the previous committee running way over, then a super long discussion on the Oakland Commerce Corporation’s contract, there really wasn’t any time left to discuss the industrial zoning plan. They took public comment (although cut the speakers’ time to 1 minute after giving everyone else 2), then agreed that the proposal needs a lot of work and decided to discuss it at the next meeting (April 8), placing it first on the agenda for that date. The Committee members indicated that they agreed with the speakers that it was unfair to spend years welcoming artists and then suddenly try to ban them, and presumably the revisions to the proposed zoning code will contain some protection measures for existing work/live residents.

In other Committee news, the Public Safety Committee received an interesting report about crime statistics (PDF!). They requested the information last fall, but when the police came to that meeting, they basically said that they had no idea where the numbers in the report the department had submitted came from, but that they were certain the numbers were wrong. The Committee told them to get their act together and come back with some real information.

Now they have and the results are interesting. For example, out of 8,045 robberies reported last year in Oakland, only 2,637 were assigned for investigation.

Oh, and did I mention that the District Attorney’s office is basically refusing to provide the Council information about what the results of the cases referred to them by the Police Department? Yeah. It’s amazing.

3 thoughts on “CED holds onto industrial zoning, for now

  1. Joanna

    Why in the world would the DA refuse to give Council stats on the results of the cases referred to them by the police department? Was there a reason? They should be forced to provide that info!

    Also, I wonder if there are any stats for cases that are given to the DA and not even processed?

    I was robbed a week ago at gunpoint – there were 10 robberies in Oakland on that single day – and no one has called me to follow up. I plan to call tomorrow on day 10, but don’t hold out much hope that they’ll go after the guy. I have a high quality video, but he only got $320, and I wasn’t shot, so I presume it’s not worth their time. With 28 (more since last Wednesday?) murders so far this year, they have their priorities. Unfortunately, with so many more detectives working on internal affairs vs murders & robberies combined, I suppose that it’s all understandable that the thugs aren’t getting caught unless OPD catches them in the act or they somehow turn themselves in. I didn’t mind my burglary last year (which actually cost me over $2000 between cash and damages) not getting followed up on, but when there’s a gun involved I thought they’d take it more seriously. Silly me, I know!

  2. Max

    That is an absolute outrage. What grounds do they have for withholding? If they don’t cough up the goods before the next council meeting, I’m going to shame them at open forum. I suggest others do the same.

  3. V Smoothe Post author

    It is shocking. I was shocked in November when the police department’s representative told the Council that the District Attorney’s office had declined to answer their requests for information, as were, of course, the Committee members. They asked staff to formally request a report from the District Attorney’s office at the next meeting (that would be the yesterday’s meeting), and have yet to receive any response. See pages 9 and 10 of the staff report (PDF!) for the formal request sent by Deborah Edgerly.

    I’ll try to post video about this later this week.