And the horse-trading begins

Rumor has it Paulette Hogan has cut a deal with Don Perata. She’s dropping out of the mayoral race in exchange for him giving her and Sanjiv Handa 5 minutes to speak on every agenda item at any Council or committee meeting that they attend. Councilmembers and staff are understandably freaking out, as this would lengthen council meetings by 2-3 hours. How’s that for public input?

3 thoughts on “And the horse-trading begins

  1. Paulette Hogan

    Please be aware, the Lady Hogan has not cut a deal with Don Perata. I haven’t even spoken to him. Do you think I would throw away 1 year and three months of hard work just because Don jumped into the race.

    You called me the “Dark Horse Candidate For Mayor” and here I come spinning around the turn. However, I won’t win by a nose, but by a head, because I am smart.

    I can get five minutes in council without a deal.

  2. Ralph

    and that my friends is why your mayor should spend less time in an Amsterdam coffee house