A little too literal

The environment is good! So are jobs! And despite what Republicans say, the don’t have to be at odds with one another! We know. We all read Van Jones’s book. Also, you said so in your speech. Which was very good. And which more people probably would have listened to if they weren’t so freaking distracted by this:

Green Jobs

Illustrating the point with a green hardhat might have been taking it just one step too far.

6 thoughts on “A little too literal

  1. livegreen

    Is it at least made of recycled materials &/or at least sourced from a local company? Oh, that’s a different business, so somebody else’s problem. At least the color looks right, and looking right is what’s important for the environment.

    & an advertising company got some dough by aligning the color, if not the product…

    Let’s hear it for faux-green!

  2. ComeOnNow

    Shit, I hope the green coloring isn’t actually made from some toxic chemical. Wouldn’t that be something?

  3. Hayden

    What’s with the guys wearing hats, and the women wearing unisex hats, indoors? A loss of hat etiquette probably doesn’t signify the decline of western civilization, but would it be so difficult for people to take their hats off at these indoor formal meetings–at least when speaking?

    On a related matter, perhaps Councilwoman Brooks could use a good hat to balance out the pendant?

  4. Hayden

    I should point out also I am concerned about this person’s lack of a recycled reflective safety vest and, possibly, recycled-steel toed boots. Is their shirt made of hemp, like the carpet on which they’re standing?

    Who knows what injuries they may experience with only a hard hat as protection?!? I shudder.