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Lots to do in Oakland on Thursday

I apologize for not yet being able to get to the parking issue or last week’s lobbying ordinance meeting. After enjoying all sorts of free time during recess, I’m having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things around here and have accumulated somewhat of a backlog of half-written posts. I’ll catch up soon, I’m sure.

For today, I want to take care of a little housekeeping around here, and then highlight a number of cool things going on in Oakland tomorrow night.

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Potential changes on the way for Oakland’s lobbyist registration act

I know you guys are all just dying to read all about last night’s disaster of a discussion about the parking meter hours, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow for that. By now, everyone’s aware of what happened (they delayed a decision until next meeting), and honestly, the whole thing deserves a more thoughtful post than I could possibly hope to pull together during my lunch hour.

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AC Transit service reduction workshop tonight

I know it’s been a little transit-heavy around here lately, and you guys are probably getting fatigued of hearing about the Oakland Airport Connector and the AC Transit service cuts. But you’re going to have to bear with me for just a little bit longer.

Today is the second (and final) AC Transit service reduction workshop in Oakland. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but if you are a bus rider and you haven’t gone to one yet, I strongly urge you to attend. Going in person and talking to the planners about your route changes is going to have much, much more potential to result in some kind of mitigation when the final cuts get made than leaving a comment on the website, although you can do that too.

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Rebecca Kaplan: Building a better Airport Connector, to build a Better economy

In the debate about how best to proceed on the Oakland Airport Connector, I wanted to take this opportunity to share why I think it is so important to make sound choices. My goal is to result in a project that is better for economic growth and job creation, better for Oakland, better for BART, the Airport, the region’s transit, and the public.

The proposed $550 million project currently on the table, using “AGT” technology (an automated, elevated guideway) fails to provide any of the benefits originally promised, and also threatens devastating cuts in jobs, local transit service, and other vital public projects because it will be funded by taking hundreds of millions of dollars away from other essential services.

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Learn about what the State budget means for you at City Hall this Tuesday

Tuesday is a crazy day in Oakland! There are like 10 million things to do, and not enough time for them all. Highlights include the Oakland Airport Connector at the Public Works Committee, the selection of a new District Attorney at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting, and discussion of the Measure Y audit at the Public Safety Committee.

I’m going to skip the Public Safety Committee and recommend that you do too (thank goodness for KTOP – you can always get the DVD and watch it later at your convenience) in favor of a concurrent event, being put on by the League of Women Voters Oakland about the State budget.

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Reminder: AC Transit service reduction workshop in Oakland on Saturday

Do you ride the bus? If you do (or even if you don’t), you are surely aware by now of the drastic service cuts in the works for AC Transit. I put up an overview of the proposed changes in Oakland last week, and I will be doing some more detailed posts about the plans for various parts of the City next week.

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