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Jennifer Ward: Disappearing Behind Them: Phasing Out Failing Small Schools

After seeing how much attention the OUSD open thread is getting, I thought my readers might be interested in this story about the phasing out of some of OUSD’s underperforming small schools. The piece was funded by donations through Spot.Us, a Knight Foundation backed experiment in community funded reporting. Author Jennifer Ward produced an audio report on the issue, which ran originally on KALW, and also the story below, which, like all Spot.Us funded work, is published under a Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to republish the work (with attribution) for free. Enjoy. – V

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A new way to waste money: Municipal ID cards for Oakland

A couple of years ago, you couldn’t look at a Council agenda without being confronted with some sort of brain-dead, busybody proposal. Hours of public meeting time and thousands of words of media coverage were wasted on inanity like how long people should be able to tie up their dogs when they’re out shopping, banning plastic bags (later rescinded), declaring Oakland’s opposition to war in Iran, paying at-risk youth to stand around BART stations (never happened but now back in a modified form), and of course, how could we forget, banning smoking outside.

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Don’t forget to vote today

Hey folks, I really do apologize for the light posting over the last week. It will get better very soon (hopefully starting tomorrow), I promise. I’ve been bogged down with a different project lately, which is happily nearing completion. It will perhaps shock my readers to hear that I have a tendency to get kind of obsessive about things, and while I’m working on one thing intently, I’m not very good at switching focus and accomplishing anything else. Anyway.

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