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Lindheim Choice as Administrator Result of Cronyism, Hypocrisy, and Low Expectations at City Hall

Earlier today, I wrote that Dan Lindheim is not qualified to be City Administrator. dto510 told us that the Appointment puts Oakland on the brink. Becks urged readers to Take Action: Ensure Top-Rate Management for Oakland. As it turns out, the Oakland Builders Alliance was thinking almost the exact same thing, and has penned an open letter to Oakland residents about the Mayor’s announcement. I have reprinted the letter below. – V Smoothe.

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Dan Lindheim is not qualified to be City Administrator

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums named well-qualified and experienced people (PDF) to the key City positions of CEDA Director and Assistant City Administrator. My delight was short-lived, however, because, in a not at all surprising move, Dellums at the same time named his longtime friend Dan Lindheim as Oakland City Administrator.

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Carlos Plazola: Oakland Deserves Excellent Management

On January 22, I filed a complaint against the mayor’s (PDF) office for Cronyism, based on his having placed his long-time friend and ally Dan Lindheim as both Interim City Administrator (In June 08) and Interim Director of the Community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA) (in late 2007) even though Mr. Lindheim had no prior experience in managing a city, or even a department of a city.

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State of the City Preview

Tonight’s big event really should be the Measure Y Oversight Committee meeting. After all, the Committee will be receiving the first full independent outcome evaluation of Measure Y’s violence prevention programs (PDF), and the results are…let’s just say nothing to sing about. The Committee will also be discussing a set of funding recommendations (PDF) from the Mayor’s office for next year’s programs that…well, that’s not quite how I’d do things if I were in charge.

But alas, chances are nobody’s going to be watching this very important Measure Y Oversight Committee meeting because anyone and everyone interested in local government will be otherwise occupied with Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums’s State of the City address. Well, those who feel strong enough to stomach it, anyway.

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Max Allstadt: A civics lesson for the kids at Skyline

Before Tuesday night’s city council meeting, a bunch of kids from Skyline High protested the BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant. Unfortunately they seem to not know how their local government works. Well, if Skyline won’t teach them local civics, uncle Max is gonna have to do it himself. Skyline parents, teachers and students, if you’re reading, tell a friend to check this out. My lesson begins below…

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Tom Thurston: A Land Trust is bad for Oakland

The City Council is considering measures to address Oakland’s foreclosure crisis. A leader of Urban Strategies, a local community advocacy organization, is making the rounds of the Council members advocating a Land Trust as part of a solution. The proposal is fairly complicated and requires a great deal of money so it’s tempting to believe that it must do a great deal of good. It does not. The Land Trust is an attempt to use the foreclosure crisis as an opportunity to advance Urban Strategy’s ideological agenda of bringing additional deed-restricted scattered-site low-income housing to some of the most distressed neighborhoods in Oakland.

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Don Link: The escalating mess at OPD

Don Link originally posted this essay on the OPD listserv. I don’t think the audiences for this blog and the listservs overlap all that much, so I thought it would benefit my readers to see Link’s perspective. He has kindly given me permission to reprint his writing here. I added the links myself. Don Link is the former Chair of Oakland’s Community Policing Advisory Board, on which he served for 11 years before his resignation in 2008. – V Smoothe.

Hannah James posted two important pieces in the press on the internal mess in OPD. These follow others by the Chauncey Bailey project regarding OPD’s handling of both the investigation and the raid of the Bakery headquarters to stave off anticipated killings. Chief Tucker has not been candid or effective in either matter.

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Still on hiatus

So I said last week that I’d post an update today on the status of my little blogging vacation, and I’ve decided that I will not be resuming posting on any kind of regular schedule until February. I’ll probably write something short from time to time, or maybe post lists of links I found interesting just to keep a fresh forum for people to have their own discussions, but for the most part, I’m going to continue enjoying my much needed break, and spend my evenings watching The Wire instead of Council meetings.

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