$12 million in State bond money

Today’s big news in Oakland is the announcement of $12 million in state bond money for the city. CBS5 reports:

Speaking at a news conference at St. Mary’s Center, which provides services for seniors and children, Dellums said, “This is a great day for Oakland as we move toward becoming a model city.”

But he admitted, “We clearly have a long way to go” and “we need many more millions of dollars” before all of Oakland’s housing issues can be resolved.

I’ll say. Let’s take a look at what we got.

Satellite Housing, Inc. received $6.8 million from the Prop. 46 Multifamily Housing Program for 2 separate facilities. The money will fund a total of 126 units at the two locations. Almost $3 million total is coming our way from Emergency Housing Assistance Program funds – $999,998 to the City directly (32 shelter spaces), $1 million to East Bay Community Recovery (42 shelter spaces), and $1 million to St. Mary’s Center (25 shelter spaces). In Prop. 1C money, Oakland recieved $1 million from the CalHomes program, which will provide funds to assist 25 low-income first-time homebuyers.

We also got a $1.3 million grant from the Workforce Housing Reward Program. The WFH Program provides grants based on how many residential units affordable to low-income and very low-income households were permitted during the program year. WFH Program funds are earmarked for capital projects that improve quality of life in the community. For 2006, Oakland ranked fifth in the state, creating 321 incentive units.

According to the Trib, the WFH program grant money is going to be used for “rehabilitating playing fields in the Carter Gilmore Sports Complex in East Oakland and Raimondi Park in West Oakland, as well as making improvements at libraries.”. The plans seem somewhat ambitious to me. A July 2007 parks capital improvement estimate from CEDA estimated the Raimondi Fields project cost at $12,140,000. The Library Master Plan estimates that a complete service upgrade for the Temescal Library at $2,163,000 (and that’s one of the cheapest branches to renovate!). Certainly the money will make a dent in the costs of the projects, and we should be grateful for it, but it is a mistake to represent it as some kind of huge windfall.

For comparison, here’s what some other cities were allocated and what they’ll be getting with it. (Note: The totals listed include WFH Program grants, but to aid readability, I have not listed the number of incentive units for each city. Funding numbers and number of units provided are taken from the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s press releases.) For more context, I have included the population of each city in parentheses. Numbers are 2007 estimates from the State Department of Finance, except for Van Nuys, which wasn’t on their list.

San Diego: $20,054,461: 270 homes, 240 shelter spaces (1,316,837)
Sacramento: $18,639703: 278 homes, 26 shelter spaces (467,343)
San Jose: $12,499,069: 165 homes, 142 shelter spaces (973,672)
Los Angeles: $12,193,298: 157 homes, 120 shelter spaces (4,018,080)
Oakland: $12,080,990: 151 homes, 99 shelter spaces (415,492)
Los Banos: $10,300,000: 210 homes (35,211)
San Francisco: $9,711,296: 165 homes, 30 shelter spaces (808,844)
Ventura: $8,969,000: 145 homes (107,490)
Oxnard: $8,886,817: 110 homes (192,997)
Santa Rosa: $8,373,203: 114 homes, 12 shelter spaces (157,985)
Anaheim: $8,210,039: 134 homes (345,556)
Brea: $7,765,120: 94 homes (39,870)
Chula Vista: $7,531,052: 110 homes (227,723)
Bakersfield: $7,469,944: 139 homes (323,213)
Carlsbad: $5,921,777: 78 homes (101,337)
Pittsburg: $5,550,522: 83 homes (63,004)
Palm Springs: $4,511,337: 57 homes, 24 shelter spaces (46,858)
Chico: $4,398,533: 96 homes (84,396)
Van Nuys: $4,278,149: 52 homes (about 100,000)
Alameda: $3,503,853: 39 homes (75,254)
Santa Paula: $3,500,000: 86 homes (29,182)
Soledad: $3,500,000: 70 homes (28,361)
Truckee: $3,239,103: 47 homes (16,019)
Rohnert Park: $2,653,013: 49 homes (42,959)
Santa Monica: $2,143,000: 46 homes (91,124)
Sonoma: $2,000,000: 35 homes (9,945)
Fresno: $1,712,180: 50 homes, 12 shelter spaces (481,035)
Stockton: $1,599,950: 15 homes, 16 shelter spaces (289,789)
Berkeley: $1,509,719: 49 homes (106,347)

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